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  Title / Author Date of publication Format Classification Classmark Date added
Repossessing Shanland : Myanmar, Thailand, and a nation-state deferred [2021] E-book DS 02-12-2021
Becoming Taiwanese : Ethnogenesis in a Colonial City, 1880s to1950s [2019] E-book DS 02-12-2021
The great exodus from China : trauma, memory, and identity in modern Taiwan 2021 E-book DS 02-12-2021
Film directing shot by shot : visualizing from concept to screen 1991 E-book PN 02-12-2021
Chinese lives : the people who made a civilization [2013] E-book DS 02-12-2021
A century of change in a Chinese village : the crisis of the countryside [2018] E-book HN 02-12-2021
Red Revolution, Green Revolution Scientific Farming in Socialist China 2016 E-book HX 02-12-2021
The Communist Takeover of Hangzhou : The Transformation of City and Cadre, 1949-1954 [2004] E-book JQ 02-12-2021
A concise history of Hong Kong [2007] E-book DS 02-12-2021
I live in the slums stories 2020 E-book PL 02-12-2021
Mr. Smith goes to China three Scots in the making of Britain's global empire [2019] E-book HF 02-12-2021
Borderland memories searching for historical identity in post-Mao China 2019 E-book DS 02-12-2021
Qing travelers to the Far West diplomacy and the information order in late imperial China 2018 E-book DS 02-12-2021
Fascism in Manchuria the Soviet-China encounter in the 1930s 2020 E-book DS 02-12-2021
Modernization as lived experiences : three generations of young men and women in China 2019 E-book HQ 01-12-2021
Global migration : patterns, processes, and policies 2016 E-book JV 01-12-2021
Phallic panic : film, horror and the primal uncanny 2005 E-book PN 01-12-2021
Beasts of burden biopolitics, labor, and animal life in British Romanticism 2018 E-book PN 01-12-2021
Advanced accounting 2017 E-book HF 01-12-2021
Advances in sheep welfare [2017] E-book HV 30-11-2021
Spirited away 2020 E-book PN 29-11-2021
Ratcatcher 2020 E-book PN 29-11-2021
Reformed theology and evolutionary theory 2020 E-book BT 29-11-2021
Natures of Africa Ecocriticism and animal studies in contemporary cultural forms 2016 E-book PL 29-11-2021
Testimony, A Tribute to Charlie Parker With New and Selected Jazz Poems 2013 E-book PS 29-11-2021
A question of mercy : a novel 2016 E-book PS 29-11-2021
The Political Economy of Slavery Studies in the Economy and Society of the Slave South 1989 E-book E 29-11-2021
Swans of the Kremlin Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia [2012] E-book GV 29-11-2021
Continued 2010 E-book PG 29-11-2021
The Perfect SENCO 2013 E-book LC 29-11-2021
Whispering city modern Rome and its histories c2011 E-book DG 29-11-2021
Silent Interviews On Language, Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics—A Collection of Written Interviews c1994 E-book PS 29-11-2021