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  Title / Author Date of publication Format Classification Classmark Date added
The sinking of the Bismarck 2014 E-book D 02-08-2021
Lord Randolph Churchill. [2014] E-book DA 02-08-2021
The dawn of liberation 2013 E-book D 02-08-2021
The world crisis. 2013 E-book D 02-08-2021
A history of the English-speaking peoples. 2013 E-book DA 02-08-2021
A history of the English-speaking peoples. 2013 E-book DA 02-08-2021
The Boer War 2013 E-book DT 02-08-2021
The sinews of peace 2014 E-book D 02-08-2021
The second world war : a complete history [2014] E-book D 02-08-2021
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn [2014] E-book GV 02-08-2021
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There 2014 E-book PZ 02-08-2021
Grimms' fairy stories 2014 E-book PZ 02-08-2021
Twelve years a slave : narrative of Solomon Northup, a citizen of New-York, kidnapped in Washington City in 1841 and rescued in 1853, from a cotton plantation near the Red River in Louisiana [2014] E-book E 02-08-2021
The tragedy of Othello, the moor of Venice [2014] E-book PR 02-08-2021
Prince : the making of a pop music phenomenon 2016 E-book ML 02-08-2021
The reflective practice guide : an interdisciplinary approach to critical reflection 2016 E-book RT 02-08-2021
Experimental filmmaking and the motion picture camera : an introductory guide for artists and filmmakers 2019 E-book PN 02-08-2021
All the world and her husband : women in twentieth-century consumer culture 2000 E-book HC 02-08-2021
Yukio Ninagawa 2020 E-book PR 02-08-2021
Aeolian geomorphology : a new introduction 2019 E-book QE 31-07-2021
British youth television : cynicism and enchantment 2001 E-book PN 31-07-2021
Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer : Nathan Burkan and the Making of American Popular Culture [2020] E-book KF 31-07-2021
Adult attachment patterns in a treatment context : relationship and narrative 2015 E-book BF 30-07-2021
Theatre and the world : performance and the politics of culture 1993 E-book PN 29-07-2021
A victorian guide to sex 2014 E-book HQ 29-07-2021
Mastering ROS for robotics programming : design, build, and simulate complex robots using the Robot Operating System 2018 E-book TJ 29-07-2021
Self-help and civic culture : citizenship in Victorian Birmingham 2019 E-book JS 29-07-2021
Cinema and Brexit : the politics of popular English film 2020 E-book PN 29-07-2021
Behavior trees in robotics and Al : an introduction [2018] E-book TJ 29-07-2021
Foundation maths [2020] E-book QA 29-07-2021
OSTERMEIER : backstage 2016 E-book PN 29-07-2021
Making every MFL lesson count : six principles to support modern foreign language teaching [2019] E-book PB 29-07-2021
Y Gymru Ddu ar Ddalen Wen : Aralledd ac Amlddiwylliannedd mewn Ffuglen Gymreig, er 1990 [2018] E-book HM 29-07-2021
Waves across the south a new history of revolution and empire 2021 E-book JC 29-07-2021
The Schaubuhne Berlin under Thomas Ostermeier reinventing realism 2020 E-book PN 29-07-2021
Palaces of pleasure from music halls to the seaside to football, how the Victorians invented mass entertainment ©2019 E-book GV 29-07-2021
Beyond the bottom line the producer in film and television studies 2016 E-book PN 29-07-2021
Propaganda, politics and film, 1918-45 1982 E-book PN 29-07-2021
A man's place masculinity and the middle-class home in Victorian England 2007 E-book HQ 29-07-2021