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  Title / Author Date of publication Format Classification Classmark Date added
Performing indigenous identities on the contemporary Australian stage : land, people, culture 2019 E-book PN 12-08-2022
Telling stories : Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander performance E-book DU 12-08-2022
Rehearsal practices of Indigenous women theatre makers : Australia, Aotearoa, and Turtle Island [2021] E-book PN 12-08-2022
Wearable technology in medicine and health care [2018] E-book R 12-08-2022
Contemporary Women’s Post-Apocalyptic Fiction 2020 E-book PN 11-08-2022
Juvenile delinquency : causes, control and consequences 2016 E-book HV 11-08-2022
Rutley’s Elements of Mineralogy 1988 E-book TN 10-08-2022
The Boers in East Africa ethnicity and identity 1998 E-book DT 10-08-2022
popular culture : lesbian writing after the sex wars
c1997 E-book PS 10-08-2022
Outside the box : interviews with contemporary cartoonists 2014 E-book NC 10-08-2022
Vanished giants : the lost world of the Ice Age [2021] E-book QE 10-08-2022
Sports play 2012 E-book PQ 09-08-2022
The photography storytelling workshop : [a five-step guide to creating unforgettable photographs] 2020 E-book TR 09-08-2022
Hashtag authentic : finding creativity and building a community on Instagram and beyond [2019] E-book TR 09-08-2022
Making it in the art world : strategies for exhibitions and funding : a post-pandemic guide for artists [2021] E-book N 09-08-2022
How photography became contemporary art : inside an artistic revolution from Pop to the digital age [2021] E-book TR 09-08-2022
Directors' theatre [2020] E-book PN 09-08-2022
The Ice People. 2012 E-book PR 09-08-2022
What is nursing? [2013] E-book RT 09-08-2022
Sensors and wearable technologies in sport : technologies, trends and approaches for implementation 2016 E-book QA 09-08-2022
The student nurse handbook a survival guide 2013 E-book RT 09-08-2022